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limited edition
number : 10
material: steel 5mm rod, black oxide finish
size: φ2230mm, h1050mm

“Branches fall and tangle with the ones below, gently swinging in the air. I felt a kind of beauty, and newness, within the fragile balance a coincidence can create.”
With the concept above, the original “in the sky” was designed by Koichi Futatsumata, and launched as part of E&Y’s 2010 collection “edition HORIZONTAL”. Further studies were made by bending additional metal wires. The identity of “in the sky” which can only keep shape by hanging. Futatsumata up-scaled the work from its original size to what he titled “Big Gravity”, answering the questions on how the piece will effect its surroundings and what experiences people will get from an atmosphere with more “branches” added.