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LOUNGE CHAIR for Kanagawa Prefectural Library

furniture planning & direction: Tsuyoshi Matsuzawa (E&Y)
manufacturer: E&Y(Japan)
material: frame/oak, seat/urethane foam + leather, artificial suede
size : W.750 × D.937 × H.866 / SH.400mm

The Kanagawa Prefectural Library (the former main building) was designed by Kunio Maekawa and opened in 1954. These new lounge chairs were designed for the new main building, while paying respect to the old library.
People come to libraries to read books at their leisure. Thus this chair was designed to be “a chair for relaxing and reading” and its form was developed to accommodate the body generously and to release a relaxing atmosphere. Compared to a normal lounge chair with four legs, we wanted something a little more playful. The single back leg extending from the center to the back was created with this in mind. All parts are made of 100mm wide solid wood, and considering the environmental characteristics of a public library, we were conscious of its resistance to years of use. Meanwhile, by simplifying the design with only the same material employed to avoid using complicated details, we sought to create a comfortable space where people can immerse themselves in reading when sitting down, as well as a design that reflects the strength of a simple form. We wish this lounge chair to become an iconic presence that makes sitting in it a memorable extension of reading in this library.

photo: Daisuke Shima