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limited edition
number : 20
material : plywood, oil finish
size : W.365 x D.220 x H.470mm

A project to create a flexible seat made with three sheets of 4mm thick plywood placed with a slight gap between each other. With “P(L)Y(W)O(O)D” 2016, as its prototype, this project has been modified and released from gallery “LICHT” as their first piece in their new edition series. The initial design was created under the restrictions of “DIY-able and common to hardware store materials”. While maintaining the rough DIY aesthetics such as the visible screws on the side, we have updated the material to an oil finished basswood plywood. The size was adjusted so all parts can be cut out from a standard size panel of wood. With an industrial and single material impression, we were capable of creating a gap between the visual impression and the gentle bend it makes when taking a seat.

photo : LICHT