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limited edition
number : 20
manufacturer : WISTERIA Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
material : steel, chromate plating
size : w.250 x d.400 x h.450 mm

This stool was designed by Futatsumata as an product celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fukuoka-based fashion label Fujito. This compact, yet useful stool was created especially the putting on, taking off and light care of shoes. Not only does it provide a seat for taking off and putting on shoes, but it also serves as a platform for tying and polishing shoes as they are worn, and is fitted with storage for care-related goods such as brushes, cloth, creams and spray. This stool is compact so as not to be obtrusive and, made from solid steel at a width of 250mm, is more stable than one would expect. Keeping a roughness of use in mind, this stool is finished in a trivalent chromate plating, the likes of which is also used in the production of tools. It is a design that is at once furniture and heavy duty implement.

photo : Hiroshi Mizusaki