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manufacturer: mono-KOBO Co.,Ltd. (one-off piece)
material: GFRP panel, steel, LED lamp
size: W.2000 x D.650 x H.2502 (body: H.902)mm

installation location: NOHGA HOTEL UENO
organizer: Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
général curator: Flowstone Creative Industries Co,.Ltd

Lighting design for the main hall of a new hotel in the Ueno area of Tokyo. The clients request was to “create a product which can be the icon of this hotel” in its 6M high stairwell. The piece consists of two upper lighting systems with casted GFRP shades layered upon each other. By piling 4 layers of plates, the entire volume of the lighting shows a certain presence in the large open stairwell of the hotel. In addition the light also reflects on the fibers of the GFRP panels creating a distinct texture on the surface with a rainbow shine. We wish that the layer of light shining from this object, spreads throughout the entire space.