IFFT special highlight / +TALENTS @Tokyo Big Sight

The exhibition “+ TALENTS” will be held at the event IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living from 18th Oct. The new product “SAND” that Futatsumata designed for Tendo Mokko will be displayed. Also some prototypes which had been made on the development process will be exhibited.

[ Term ]
Oct 18st (Mon) – 20th (Wed), 2021
10:00 – 18:00 (Last day closed at 17:00)

[ Venue ]
Tokyo Big Sight, South Exhibition Halls

[ Entry ]
Visitor pre-registration is required to enter the venue.
*People under the age of 18 and public visitors are not admitted to the fair.

[ Participants ]

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Reunion – KOICHI FUTATSUMATA・E&Y collection –

The works “4FB” and “GO“ will be exhibited at “Directors”which is the flagship store of “FUJITO”.

Term : September 18th(Sat) – September 26th(Sun), 2021
Open from : 12:00 – 19:00
Venue : Directors
Address : 1F East Building, 3-4-3 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0023, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel : 092-733-3997

Hosted by : WISTERIA Co., Ltd.
Supported by : E&Y Co., Ltd.

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publicity updated: “TENDO IN JAPANESE MODERN”

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Tendo Mokko, the book “Tendo in Japanese Modern” has been published. The book also features the new chair “SAND”, which Futamata have designed for the “TENDO JAPANESE MODERN / 80 PROJECT”.

“Tendo in Japanese Modern”
Supervision: Tendo Mokko
Planning and project direction: Ryusuke Nanki
Art Direction: Mamiko Takahashi
Design: Sari Ogino, Kurumi Shibata
Editing and writing: Yoshinao Yamada
Editing: Naoki Kato (Tendo Mokko), Seiji Shinjo (Seigensha)
Translation assistance: Joyce Ram
Publication: Seigensha

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works updated: 4FB, GO

We have updated the works “4FB” and “GO“.
These two products have been re-edited and presented as a new collection from E&Y.

(photo: E&Y)

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Remaster – KOICHI FUTATSUMATA・E&Y collection –

It is already 14 years since the launch of 4FB in Milan.
The SHOE STOOL was designed for an apparel brand 8 years ago.
These two products will be re-edited and presented as a new collection from E&Y.

For its launch, E&Y will co-host a limited term exhibition at LICHT, a gallery which is designed by Koichi Futatsumata.

In this exhibition, Mistuo Suma, the owner of the gallery, will introduce a series of works from the 90’s to the present, featuring a composition that presents a new perspective from the past, to the present, and on to the next era. Visitors are welcome to experience the sublimated view of the intersection of time.

All anti-COVID measures will be met to welcome you all.


Remaster  – KOICHI FUTATSUMATA・E&Y collection –

[ Term ]
August 21st (Sat) -29th (Sun), 2021
Closed:24th (Tue) and 25th (Wed)
Open from:13:00 – 18:00

[ Venue ]
2F, 3-18-10 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0042

[ Hosted by ]

[ URL ]

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New product created through the collaboration between Futamata and Tendo Mokko is now on display at the showroom of Tendo Mokko.

(photo: Kohei Yamamoto)

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New product created through the collaboration between Futamata and Tendo Mokko will be presented. The following is a quote from the release information of Tendo Mokko.


JAPANESE MODERN /80 PROJECT” was launched last year as a project to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the company’s founding. As the main content of this project, we have completed the new pieces of furniture that we have been working on with three designers. We are also pleased to announce the publication of the book “Tendo Mokko and Japanese Modern”, which summarizes the 80-year history of Tendo Mokko and the works with architects and designers we have collaborated with.  To commemorate the book, an exhibition will be held at Tendo Mokko Tokyo Showroom & Store and Daikanyama Tsutaya Building No.2 from early July.


TENDO JAPANESE MODERN /80 PROJECT – New product presentation

Jul 2th – 30th
(Closed: Wednesdays, National holidays, July 22th and 23th)
*Reservations are required
Tendo Mokko Tokyo Showroom & Store
1-19-2 Hamamatsu-choh Minato-ku Tokyo, JPN



Jul 7th – Aug 6th *estimated schedule
Daikanyama Tsutaya Building No.2
17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JPN

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works updated: Untitled

We have updated the works “Untitled” Futatsumata have designed for residencial and small space.

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Publicity information: HAMMOCK

HAMMOCK” released by E&Y and Futatsumata have designed 2009 was featured as one of the masterpieces 100 in 21st century by CASA BRUTUS.

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