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manufacturer : E&Y(Japan)
material : aluminum
size : W.550 x D.550 x H.1650mm
colour : polish, vibration

4FB is a coat hanger made of four solid aluminum flat bars (FB) secured together to form a rigid structure and function. My quest was to create an image of the combined bulk of flat bars spreading out and freeing itself from the top and bottom, and the beauty of the rationality with which it functions as a leg and a hanger at the same time. The design also takes into account the efficient packing that can be achieved by keeping the parts in a unified shape.

This products has been re-edited as a new collection from E&Y after 14 years have passed since the launch of 4FB in Milan**. For this edition, the finishes have been renewed to two types, polished and vibrated, which enables the user to feel the solid texture of the aluminum, as well as the shaft parts used to hold the components together have been updated to a more minimized size, further enhancing the efficiency of the texture and structure.

photo: E&Y