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manufacturer: UCC UESHIMA COFFEE (Japan)
planning, creative direction: WELCOME
color: steam white / midnight black / lacquer red / botanical green / soil brown
size : W.120 × D.214 × H.376mm
weight: Approx. 3.4kg
quiet level: 34.7dB
tank capacity: 700ml
power source: AC 100V 50/60Hz
power consumption: 1350W

An easy to carry, capsule-type drip coffee machine. We have reimagined the conventional placement of coffee machines that are commonly installed in kitchens, proposing a product that can be used in various situations such as the living room, bedroom, desk area, and outdoors.
The project began with a reassessment of the internal figurations to find a body size suitable for portability. While capsule-type drip machines are relatively compact compared to other types of equipment such as espresso or drip machines, they are somewhat heavy for carrying, requiring a reconsideration of weight balance. Therefore, we initially positioned the heater, the most significant factor, at the bottom of the body and adjusted the layout of other functions accordingly. By organizing the size and shape of each element and optimizing them one by one, we achieved a form suitable for portability with a stable weight balance.
Additionally, the newly incorporated handle in the design serves not only as a grip for carrying but also functions as a visual icon reminiscent of portability. Placing the control panel directly below the handle controls surrounding light and enhances the visibility of the LCD screen. Horizontal piping lines are introduced at the junctions of external parts, adjusting the overall visual balance and considering finger placement when opening or closing the lid and removing parts. The overall design incorporates subtle curves within a square shape, integrating each element into a cohesive object.