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number : 20 (limited edition)
manufacture: FUJITO (Japan)
material : black granite, steel powder coating, oak urethane coating
color: Black x Black
size : W.195 x D. 196 x H.1400mm
weight: 8.5kg

A large base resembling a massive river stone carved from granite. Ascending from the base, a slender steel rod is topped with a delicate wooden disk, harmonizing with the solidity of the stone base. Inspired by the shape of a spindle, a tool used for spinning thread, this product sways gently when clothing such as coats are hung on it, creating a circular motion, while maintaining the sense of weight, stability, roundness, and smoothness of the base stone, thus achieving a feeling of lightness. Spindle was designed as a project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fashion brand FUJITO.

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photo: Koji Maeda, FUJITO(white background)