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manufacture: Lighting Sou Co., Ltd.
material : Bracket light – aluminum + LED ball bulb or incandescent bulb, Ceiling light – steel + acrylic + LED ball bulb
Development cooperation: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN (Tatsuki Nakamura)

A proposal for a lighting fixture to be used for base lighting in a relatively compact space such as a living rooms or small spaces. By using simple and easily replaceable ball bulbs, we came up with a lighting fixture that can be positioned between architectural (environmental) lighting such as downlights and spotlights, and design lighting such as floor lamps and pendant lightings. We designed two types of bracket lights with part of the bulb embedded in the wall, and a ceiling light with part of the bulb partially embedded in the ceiling. The bracket lamps come in two sizes, one with a φ90mm bulb and the other with a φ50mm bulb. We aimed to create a neutral lighting fixture that can be incorporated into the space as an essential architectural element, just like a door knob or handrail.

photo : Lighting Sou Co., Ltd.