works updated: 4 GFRP UPPER

The upper light Futatsumata designed have been installed to the hall of NOHGA HOTEL UENO which will be newly opened in Tokyo. We have also updated the works information “4 GFRP UPPER“.

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Product release: Sunglasses of Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO

The sunglasses of “Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO” Futatsumata designed last year for ARAOKA GANKYO is now released in limited number.

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Publicity information: OPENERS

“IN THE SKY B.G.” designed by Koichi Futatsumata for the exhibition “gravity” is now featured on OPENERS.

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Futatsumata will participate in the exhibition “gravity” held at DESIGN KOISHIKAWA in Tokyo.
The exhibition is the collaboration between space, music, and product. Anthony Moore, an English composer will show his sound installation themed “gravity waves”, and 7 groups of designer will exhibit their works presenting Lightness & Gravity. For this exhibition, Futatsumata have reconsidered about one of his works “in the sky” launched as part of E&Y‘s 2010 collection “edition HORIZONTAL”.

Anthony Moore

Taiji Fujimori, Shigeki Fujishiro, Shin Azumi, TORAFU ARCHITECTS,
Koichi Futatsumata, DRILL DESIGN, KEIJI ASHIZAWA, tempo x ECAL collaboration

Oct 17th – Nov 3rd, 2017
Tokyo Bunkyo-ku Koishikawa 2-5-7 Sasaki-Biru B Block 2F

KARIMOKU, tempo (mother tool), DESIGNART

E&Y Co., Ltd., Ishinomaki Laboratory, super robot, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Makoto Ooshiro, tebito

Press release

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works updated: P(L)Y(W)O(O)D STOOL / LID-01

We have updated two new works “P(L)Y(W)O(O)D STOOL” and “LID-01“. P(L)Y(W)O(O)D STOOL was designed for the exhibition “DOit YOURSELF! PROJECT” which was held at “Design Koishikawa” in 2016. LID-01 was designed for the house builder who is based in Fukuoka.

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Product release: Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO

Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO” designed by Futatsumata for the 77th anniversary of ARAOKA GANKYO will be released in June.

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A cutlery set designed by Koichi Futatsumata for the Belgian design label – “valerie_objects” will be exhibited at IBU Gallery in Paris.


May 2nd – Jul 29th, 2017
IBU Gallery
166 Galerie de Valois
Jardin du Palais-Royal
75001 Paris

show during D Days (2 – 14 May)
the show continues at IBU Gallery until the 29th of July

David Clarke (UK), David Bernstein (USA), D.D.Trans (BE), Eline Willemarck (BE),
Karl Fritsch (DE), Gésine Hackenberg (DE), Giampaolo Babetto (IT), Jaydan Moore (USA),
Joo Hyung Park (KR), Koichi Futatsumata (JP), Maarten Baas (NL),
Marie Christine Dorner (FR), Maki Okamoto (JP), Muller Van Severen (BE),
Myra Mimlitsch-Gray (USA), Nils Hint (EE), Octave Vandeweghe (BE),
Studio Jinhyun Jeon (KR), Studio Wieki Somers (NL), Yuya Ushida (JP), among others…

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